Feb 072014
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I received a second box of parts from HobbyKing to build their 3 axis handheld gimbal. The video above shows what was in the box. The parts included gimbal motors, an AlexMos controller, M3 screws and some washers. I also ordered some pin headers off eBay because pin headers are not soldered on the board for some of the connections I need to make. I ordered a push button switch from Aerialpixels.com to allow me to switch gimbal modes. I already have a charger and some wire and connectors I will use to build make a battery connector, some nylon standoffs and nuts that I will use to attach the board to the gimbal, and some connectors that I will use to connect the motor phase wires to the controller.


Feb 012014
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The Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis from HobbyKing looks amazing. It uses RC hobby technology to stabilize DSLR cameras while filming. Similar technology has been around in the film and television industries for quite a while, but at a much higher price. The popularity of the AlexMos Brushless Gimbal Controller and advancements in brushless gimbal motors have made this technology accessible for a lower cost. I hope to get this stabilizer working for under $500 and will be blogging about my experience. The above video is my unboxing of the frame only. I have another box coming with the controller, motors, etc.

FYI, what look like similar kits are available on eBay. Some include only the frame, while others include motors and/or a controller. However, the quality of the parts and controllers may vary greatly.

Below is a HobbyKing video that shows the finished product in action: