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I did a post when I first started this blog that listed various flight control boards that I was researching. In the list, I highlighted their features and price range. As new boards have come on the market and old ones have faded away, that list became obsolete. However, it was a popular blog post, so I decided to keep a permanent list of flight control boards on a page that I periodically update. The list is accessible from the menu above.

The quality of the software, components, and build have a huge effect on well these boards work. On the new list, I have including links to various forums and social media sites so opinions on these factors can be taken into consideration when evaluating these boards.

Click here to see the list of boards and their features.

I compiled the list as best I could, but there may be errors or omissions. Please contact me at if you have any corrections or additions.


  9 Responses to “Updated Quadcopter Flight Controller Board List”

  1. Is it possible to use a flight controller from a production quad (e.g. MX400, Hoten X) and use different ESCs and motors?

    • Maybe, I have never tried, but I think your biggest problem would be tuning it if they are proprietary and you can’t change the tuning parameters.

  2. I know this is over 6 months old but about to embark on building a Quad. Been using the AR.Drone2.0 for a while and good fun but wanted something more customisable. On Zoojunkie’s comment about Naza being very pricey, is there any decent alternatives that are a lot cheaper??

    • Naza is still the easiest to use, the multiwii pro boards running megapirates ng will do similar things for a lot less. However, they are much harder to set up.

  3. Britt, I’ve been reading your website for a month now and thanks for putting together such a great resource for those who are starting out in the quadcopter arena! Most excellent list of FCs for quads!

    Thank you!

    • Thanks zoojunkie! I would like to add more details to it and maybe a comment/stars rating for each board. Are you flying quads?

      • Not yet! I want to really soon. Having a hard time deciding on a FC atm.


        • If you are new to rc, I think the Naza is great and very easy to fly. If you have flown helicopters before, there are lots of other good choices.

          • Thanks for the advice. Not new to RC but new to flying as a whole, have had experimented with flying but not consistent enough to stick with it. I’ve been looking at the NAZA as well and considered it, and now it looks like it will be back at the top of the list. My main issue was price since I’m new I don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a “pet” project. Thanks again.


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