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The folks at Team BlackSheep recently announced their TBS Discovery FPV Frame. Team Black Sheep has long been known for their fearless FPV videos and are experts in aerial filmmaking. Don’t miss their latest USA road trip videos. They are freaking amazing!

Inexpensive Arm Replacement

TBS came up with the great idea of marrying durable and inexpensive DJI Flamewheel F450 arms with their custom center plates to angle the arms away from the view of cameras mounted on the front. Clone arms may work too. So, replacing arms that break in a crash is an easy and inexpensive proposition.

Power Distribution Board

The lower center plate has a built-in power distribution board with traces and pads for clean receiver to flight control board wiring. It also easily accepts their TBS CORE power supply unit.

Camera Mounts

TBS Discovery has camera mounts for a GoPro and an FPV camera. By the way, I am not the greatest FPV pilot and I often fly Line of Sight with my camera on.  If you have seen some of my videos with the props in the frame, you know how annoying it is. A frame like this, that keeps the propellers out of view, is a must for all aerial photography and videos, FPV or Line of Sight


The idea of using inexpensive, yet tough, F450 arms attached to custom center plates designed for FPV flying is a great one. I couldn’t resist and ordered one myself. I will be doing a review of it when it comes in. The added bonus of a built in power distribution system is the icing on the cake!

Here is a video of the TBS Discovery FPV Frame in action:


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  1. Hans , I recently ordered the TBS Discovery frame from here http://quadcopters.co.uk/tbs-discovery-fpv-quadcopter-105-c.asp and used the 900 Torxpower http://quadcopters.co.uk/torxpower-2216-pro-short-shaft-brushless-motor-900kv-330-p.asp which are believed to be re branded tiger motors but they are a quality motor and work well with graupner 10×5 and give good flight times with quite a lot of power when needed.


  2. Hi,

    hows the frame holding out, did you have time to fly it already?

    Curious about your setup, weight and flight times.

    I’ve finally flown my fpv quad, but didnt dare flying on camera alone though. Are you ever planning to go FPV or is LOS ok for now?

    • Hey Ido,
      I have the frame sitting here but haven’t put it together. I have gotten wrapped up in the Autoquad beta test and haven’t had time for it. Never enough time, but hopefully I will get back to it soon. Thanks for dropping back by.

  3. Hello!

    I will buy your TBS Discovery fram. I allready have a DJI F450 so I just shift the arms.
    What is your flying weight on your ready Discovery and what specs?
    I am still trying to figure out what engines I will use, probably the Tiger Motors or the Torx Power from

    Is a kv value of 900 ok?

    I plan to use the Graupner E prop, 10×5, is that ok?

    Pretty new to this as you probably figured out.

    Hans Johansson

  4. Looking good, cant wait for your review. btw, do you know where they send their stuff from? in cause of customs and extra tax. At least you have plenty of space here, wonder how stable it is. And also, where did they put the battery? And whats the weight of the frame?

    I just finished my DJI F450 fpv setup, It was a challenge how to fit everything on the smallish frame, I also fly on 35Mhz, so long receiver wire.
    My frame looks like this: battery + gps on top, and naza + receiver in the middle.
    First I thought adding an extra layer on top of the battery for the FPV stuff, but I didn’t think it was wise to put extra weight above the propellors, as this is the point where the quad is lifted.

    So now I’ve placed my battery (3C, 5A) on the bottom and got myself some longer legs. There was a guy on the forum that had a 3d printer and was selling extra long legs specially for the flame wheel frame. Fits perfectly!

    On the top layer I have all my FPV stuff, apart from the camera, which I placed on an empty spot in front.
    My OSD is in de middle, above the naza unit, attached to the top layer.

    I still have to test-fly it, my quad weighs about 1400grams.

    • Hi Ido, I don’t know the weight, but I think it ships from Switzerland and the battery goes on the back. The vented of gravity can be kind of tricky on this type of frame. There is a lot of stuff to put on a an FPV quad. The built in power distribution should help.

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