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A new release of the firmware for the Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board is out (Version 1.5) and available for download. All of the details and the downloadable file can be found in this forum post at RCGroups by the desginer of the KK2.0 board kapteinkuk. This version includes roll/pitch camera stabilization!

Here is a video that shows the camera stab in action:

The previous version 1.4 changes included improved self-leveling algorithms. The video below shows the ability of the self-leveling feature to quickly level a quad thrown in the air in random orientations:

One of the coolest things is that the source code is also distributed in the release with a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Everything is written in assembly language, so I doubt I will be making any changes, but the more technically inclined folks may want to give it a try.

(check for correct operation before mounting the propellers)

Hardware Required to Flash the KK2  Board:
AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors

Software Required  to Flash the KK2 Board:
LazyZero KKmulticopter Flash Tool


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  1. > Everything is written in assembly language

    If anybody is interested in writing a firmware in ‘C’: there is a convenient framework for C-development on the kk2 board:

  2. Hi,

    I have a strange problem falshing my KK2.0 board. I bought a cheap Usbasp programmer from ebay with 10 pin ribbon cable and wired the appropriate pins from programmer to board with jumper cables.
    But when I connect programmer to usb port the board powers up and after couple of seconds it goes to ARMED mode and red led on board is lit. If I connect the buzzer/speaker to the board it beeps like crazy.

    Probably this is not normal?

    BTW: The board seems to work properly though when not trying to flash.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Darko,

      I am not sure as to the problem with your KK2 arming while tying to flash it but the beeping could be if you haven’t a battery low voltage wire connected to the KK2 board and the setting for low voltage warning is set in the misc settings, this caught me out after I flashed my KK2 and was rebuilding the quad.
      Hope I am right.

      Cheers Mike.

  3. I tried to flash this board with kapteinkuk’s v1.5 but it fails every single time and says please check connections and says I can over ride it using -F. I don’t know how to use -F and I don’t know why the firmware flashing is not working. I am using the USBasp device and Mac KKmulticopter flash tool program.

  4. Total noob question: how do I find out what firmware my KK2 is running? I’ve searched the manuals and googla and cannot find an answer. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

  5. Hi!
    I search new version 1.5 for kk 2.0 board. You can help my please?


  6. I am thinking about up-dating my firmware to 1.5 but after reading all the trouble that others are having I am having second thoughts. Is anyone having a good experience with this version 1.5??? Please post!!!

    • got v1.5 installed it in a foamie hk quadcopter and it flew spot on without doing a thing we were pushing tipping bating it about and we could not believe the self levelling power!!!!
      NOTE version 1.6 out now, I have yet to try but mainly same as v1.5.
      All the best Mat.
      utube = matthetriker for multicopter stuff and more.

  7. Hi, I have a problem with my tricopter conf , tail servo channel (n. 4) stop to work so I d’ont have any tail authoriity, I try to reset and nothing happen,all other conf still working with one motor but not with servo.

    it will be a faulty FC KK2..??.

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Do you have another servo to hook up and test? If not, I would try hooking up one of my motors with props off to test M4. Also, you can configure in the motor mix menu to have it hooked up to another header, M5, whatever.

      • Thanks for your reply, I have already test it with another servo and also try another header (m5 -m6 – m7 – m8) and servo its not working try to reset to factory setting and flash it and nothing. servo its not working the curious issue is when and select a octo set up all motor are working but whe an d change in the motor mix menu and select a servo that do not work I thing it’s a faulty FC i will send it to HK to replace it. Thanks anyway…..!

  8. Perhaps I should say something what is simmingly not connected with my problem. It can perhaps help to someone. But I would like to underline “simmingly”.
    I have had problem with output voltage from ESC. It was too high. When I used charged battery I could see only backlighted LCD display without letters and when I used discharged battery I could see letters, but board answered “there is no receiver signals, or accidentaly one channel did not have signal, usually the rudder. I have found out, there is not suitable supply voltage for fc board from ESC. So I took IC LM7805 1A I connected it between output ESC and supply input of fc board and had no problems in the living-room, but later and suddenly Q4 started to act like switched channels…can fc board slightly damaged?… if yes, so program should not work properly…do not know, I dont know…

  9. Hi!
    I have a problem with my Q4 HK LCD board KK2.0 V2.0(? my default screen looks different then youtube videos). I tested my Q4t in living-room and everything went fine (direction, stabilization etc..), so I decided to test is outside. Motor No2 started to beep then I reconnected the board – M2 started to work. I noticed that aileron and rudder are switched and Q4 was is unstable trying to flip to right side. I tried almost everything: checked wiring, reseted the board, loaded motor configuration, calibrated ESC, but nothing helped. Does anybody have some idea? Please help.
    Thank you

  10. THANK YOU!
    My AVR programmer didnt have the cable and I needed to find out which pins were what on the KK board – you saved me !! :D

  11. Good day – I have a problem with my 2nd KK2 board from HK
    It keeps on failing the Y-axis. the value (when X-copter is level) on the Y-axis is 494
    The debug screen shows Roll-level to be 514
    I assume these two values must match before the Y-axis will calibrate
    Can you help PLEASE is there anything I can do?
    How does one do a factory reset with button sequences or only additionla hardware?

  12. V1.2 was released this morning to fix an ESC calibration bug.

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