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I like to scan the new products at HobbyKing to see if there are any cool things worth trying out. They recently made available the Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC, which is featured in the video above. The idea of a 4x ESC has been around awhile with the Hobbywing Skywalker Quattro available in many different sizes and prices. I have been hesitant to give them a try because I didn’t want to change the whole thing out if it goes bad. Replacing just one ESC made more sense to me.

However, with the cost of these 4x ESCs dropping, I decided to order one and give it a try. The total cost ends up being less than ordering 4 separate ESCs of most brands.

An obvious advantage to using the 4x is that it can be mounted conveniently in the center of the quad with all of the other electronics where it is can be protected and perhaps less vulnerable in a crash. Also, it should look cleaner than a bunch of ESCs dangling on the quadcopter arms and could make for some interesting builds. On the other hand, it may require an additional center plate on some quads.

It appears that it uses the standard Turnigy or Hobbywing programming cards. However, I can’t verify this until I try it. I also don’t know if it can be reflashed. When I find out, I will post the information.


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  1. I have the Hobbywing version of this ESC. Was very happy with it at first, because setup is so simple and clean. A BIG ADVANTAGE if you are a newbie like me.

    The big problem, however, is that one of my motors started to have a grinding sound. Swapped the motor, and the sound is still there (with the new motor) so I am sure its an ESC problem. Unfortunately, that means I had to change the entire unit – which is a real bummer. So no choice but to buy 4 new ESCs and relegate the Hobbywing Quattro to a tricopter (I guess its a HW Trio now, haha).

    Of course, this means I am not going to buy or endorse this ESC or any 4-in-1 solution ever again. I was warned by the folks over here, but I didn’t listen.

  2. I miss your informative articles. Hope you are able to get back into it very soon. Hope your are happy, healthy and living live with ease.

    • Thanks, I am sorry I haven’t had much time to work on the site lately. I haven’t even flown in a few months. I am looking for volunteers who would like to help out though, if you are interested.

      • I’m interested but unfortunately I’m a complete beginner., a slow learner and my former girlfriend says unreliable. It took me 6 months to get my first copter in the air. What sort of help would you find useful? I could give you an invaluable list of problems. I would also be willing to share my private list of areas of non-understanding. My noob mistakes list is bound to be a classic. I would serve very well as a “before” example. I’m working on a series of video outtakes called, very simply, “Landings…Almost”. Nevertheless, I am having a ton of fun.

      • fwiw, I’d be happy to help out any way I can. This hobby, much like life, is about what you give more so than what you have. My work has kept me busy but I miss coming here and getting schooled or just kept up to date.

    • Hi all, I have tested this Q brain (skywalker). I have a mitigitated evaluation. Nice for space and neet mounting on the frame. A few negative observation and experiences, (1) fragile motor wires insulation (too soft, rapidly damaged when mounting), (2) becoming rapidly Hot with 3S battery and rapidly very very hot with 4S (3) experienced one motor stop (motor3) with 4s and hot q-brain. The advantages are killed by the disadvantages. I am going back to 4 x Esc. One more, difficulties to use the programming turnigy card due to no +/- on 3 motor cables (the hub doesnt work for programming, logic). I do not trust this component anymore. B rgds – Thierry

  3. If it shares the components of the the quattro then it can’t be reflashed as it’s silabs based. However if one calibrates with the trim in the minimum position performance will be very linear imho and observation. It seems to compliment the kk2 w/1.5 fw.

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