Flight Controllers

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Price: Low / Medium / High

Board Open
AeroQuad 32 Yes Yes Yes Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on Medium
ArduCopter (APM 2.5) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Medium
AutoQuad v6.6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes High
Crius All In One PRO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on Low
Crius MultiWii Lite Yes Yes Yes Low
Crius MultiWii SE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Low
DJI Naza Yes Yes Add-on Yes Add-on Add-on Medium
DJI Wookong Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Add-on High
Free Flight Yes Yes Low
FY-30A Yes Yes Medium
Gaui GU-344 Yes Medium
Hobbyking KK2.0 Yes Yes Yes Low
HoverflyPRO Yes Yes Add-on Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on High
HoverflySPORT Yes Add-on Medium
KKMulticopter Yes Yes Low
MikroKopter Flight-Ctrl Yes Yes Add-on Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on High
MultiWii PRO / MTK GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Low
MultiWii PRO 2.0 / MTK GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Low
OpenPilot CC3D Yes Yes Yes Low
Paris MultiwiiCopter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on Medium
Quadrino ZoomFlight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Medium
Rabbit Yes Yes Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on Low
SmartAP Autopilot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes High
TMF Pro FH-X46 AQ50 Yes Yes Medium
UAVP/UAVX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Add-on Add-on Low
XAircraft FC1212-P Yes Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Medium
Zero UAV YS-X6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes High


Flying capabilities

  • Gyro Stabilization - the ability to easily keep the copter stable and level under the pilot's control. This is a standard feature of all flight control boards.
  • Self Leveling - the ability to let go of the pitch and roll stick on the transmitter and have the copter stay level.
  • Care Free- The pilot can control the copter as if it is pointing in its original direction as the orientation of the copter changes.
  • Altitude Hold - the ability to hover a certain distance from the ground without having to manually adjust the throttle.
  • Position Hold - the ability to hover at a specific location.
  • Return Home - the ability to automatically return to the point where the copter initially took off.
  • Waypoint Navigation - the ability to set specific points on a map that copter will follow as part of a flight plan.


  • Low - less than $100
  • Medium - $100-300
  • High - $300+.
The quality of the software, components, and build must be taken into consideration when evaluating these boards. The forum and social media links above are a great place to research opinions on these factors. I have compiled this information as best I could, but there may be errors or omissions. Please contact me at oddcopter@gmail.com if you have any corrections or additions.

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  1. You’re missing the Pixhawk from this list: 3Drobotics.com

  2. hellow I buy a quadcopter in China too.but the firstime i was trying to calibrate the controls and i dont know now why my pc dont recognize the driver with the usb connection.

  3. Do you know where I can buy a “preprogrammed” quadcopter flight controller? I bought one from HobbyKing (China), but it arrived without any programming on it — which made the quadcopter completely impossible to fly.

    Looking on the internet (and at your above list of flight controllers), it seems these flight controllers do not come with “standard” quadcopter programming. This boggles my mind! Why force the noob to figure out how to program a piece of hardware, when it has only one function — to drive FOUR motors (hence the term “quadcopter”)?!?!?!?!

    Consider Me Boggled,

    • The only way to get a controller to work perfectly out of the box is to have it paired with a specific frame and motors. That said, some controllers are more plug and play than others. The naza is very good at plug and play.

  4. Hi, can you please fit the RVOSD and the FY41AP to see in comparison in your list?, THANK YOU FOR THE HARD WORK SHARING THIS LIST.

  5. I could not find the MultiWii NanoWii listed — one of the cheapest Flight Controller Boards I found with the new MPU6050. I got it at HobbyKing.com http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__22322__MultiWii_NanoWii_ATmega32U4_Micro_Flight_Controller_USB_GYRO_ACC.html
    It would be great to see how it fits into your table.

    • If you are interested in helping maintain this page, please let me know. I could use the help. Otherwise, not sure when I will get to it.

      • How could I help? I am a very new beginner — ordered parts at the end of May and build my first X525 Quadcopter in June/July and only my son has flown it un-tethered. We have crashed it many times — replace 3 or 4 props already ;-)
        Currently I am researching Bluetooth wireless connection for Smartphone App adjusting of PID values. Also trying to figure out what Barometer can be used with my system for altitude hold.

  6. Hi Britt
    I love this Flight Controller List! OMG I cant believe how long it took me to find this!

    Can you explain if i’m reading correctly, but it seems to me that I can choose to:

    1. Pay over $1000 for a DJI Wookong for all the options with Pretty Packaging
    2. Pay less than $100 for the MultiWii Pro / MTK GPS with all the same features just Not So Pretty Packaging?

    Am I missing something here like performance issues or quality? Or is it really just the fact that you have to put it together yourself and make your own Pretty Packaging? LOL
    I am a handy man who loves to get into the heart of electronics and do my own soldering and wiring if this helps.

    • This list doesn’t rate the ease of use or quality of performance which may account for some of the difference. Also, there may be other features not listed.

      • Would Auto pilot be one of those features or does that fall under the Care Free category?

        • Are we limited to one question? I hope i’m not a bother.

          • Sorry, I have been away a lot and not able to answer questions. Waypoint navigation is more what I think of as “auto pilot”. This is where a flight plan is loaded via GPS waypoints and then executed automatically by the flight controller. Care free mode is just an easy way for beginners to fly without having to worry about the orientation of the copter. With care free, stick movements are the same regardless of where the front of the copter is pointed.

  7. Hi Brit
    I love this Flight Controller List! OMG I cant believe how long it took me to find this!

  8. If this is multi-rotor only Paparazzi has multi-rotor only controllers. The software is the same fixed wing or multi. There is a page to compare all the controllers. Here’s a link: http://paparazzi.enac.fr/wiki/Autopilots

    There is a company that makes a Paparazzi Compatable controller called LISA. It takes off vertically then transitions to forward flight like a fixed-wing. It’s called “The Quadshot”. Here’s a link: http://transition-robotics.com/

    There are 3 dedicated multi-rotor designs: Krooz, Booz, NavGoV3 details are on the above “Autopilots” link.

    Cost is up to you. If you build it yourself the cost of materials is < 100.00. If you buy it assembled it's in the Expensive range. It has all the features listed and more. Failsafe, programmatic flight control logic with conditional blocks. So you don't just go from waypoint A-B you can add flight logic like make a grid between A and B a nd fly a grid search pattern of that area. Or possibly go from A at this altitude and arrive at B and another altitute. Fly from A to B and circle B. Fly a figure 8 around A and B. Etc. Sky is the limit. Very complex patterns are used all the time.

    Camera control is included. Take a picture, follow a point on the ground, etc.

    OS supported are: Linux, Mac OSX

  9. Please add Paparazzi.

    Paparazzi has been flying and winning autonomous competitions since 2002. What other projects were out there in 2002? None. Still around today and doing great. A mission is headed to Antarctica right now to fly research flights using a Multiplex Funjet equipped with meteorological sensors and Paparazzi UmarimLite Autopilot.

    They first used the term “Do it Yourself Drone” from the start. First to publish their source code and full hardware designs and BOMs on the Internet (First SVN then Git). Teams are still using and winning student UAV competitions flying Paparazzi based autopilots. You can build it yourself from PCBs or buy ready made tested autopilots from vendors page on the Wiki under “Get Hardware”.

  10. Hi guys, I’m currently designing my first quad. I got many informations from this site which I find really helpful. The main goal of this quad will be to follow a person of even a car at moderate speed. I thought about having two gps, one on the quad itself and one on the car so the quad can track it. My questions is, do you guys how I could do that?



  11. Hi,

    This chart is awesome. I’m an electrical engineer and have been flying for 5-10 years and was one of the fairly early guys to slap a P&S camera onto a plane (in 2006 or so).

    Anyhow, your chart covers the hardware very well, but which board runs which software/firmware? I’ve been reading here and there, but still have no clue what software runs on each board, nor the differences between each software. Well, I haven’t searech aroudn your site, mayeb you covered it…pretty sur enobody else has anything like this controller board chart, so if anyone has a software chart, it’ll be you it seems!

    • If it is an open source board, you should be able to click the link where it says “Yes” under open source to get to the firmware site. If it is closed source, there is no link.

  12. Awesome list, thanks so much! Though I can’t see the ArduFlyer on your list http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=818&productname=

    It’s very cheap, and features everything. It is fully compatible with APM 2.5 as well.

  13. Will you be updating this with the new OpenPilot Revolution?

  14. Hi Britt,
    Please add the UAVP/UAVX to your list. It has been around since 2002 and is now updated to 32 bit as the UAVXArm32F4. Huge flexible feature set and is open source. It has all “Yes” in your columns and even more features capable. The board is available for $96.50 at http://www.quadroufo.com. RCG thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1093510

    • Done! I put GPS and waypoints as an add-on since it doesn’t appear to come with the board.

      • Hi Britt,
        The GPS module is the add-on, but he firmware already has the waypoint, RTH and hover hold capability, so once you add a GPS module which is also available from http://www.quadroufo.com or any other GPS that outputs NMEA data(UBLOX etc) you will have that capability at no further cost.

  15. Hey!

    I plan on building a quadcopter for FPV, and not with some keychain camera but a gopro or maybe even a light DSLR. I’m looking for smooth video, what would you say are the best options for that? Do more expensive controllers make the copter more stable? Or is that down to frame and vibration reduction? Also, does any of features need additional channels? Like altitude hold, does it need a channel for a button on the transmitter?

    Thank you!

    • All of those factors effec the smoothness of the video, but a solid frame with properly balanced motors and props will be the biggest factors. Also, tuning the flight controller is very important. Some FCs work better than others and some are easier to tune. Yes, more features usually require more channels. Right now I am working on an AIOP that uses one channel to switch between lots of different modes.

  16. Hey Britt! May we add the AeroQuad 32 board? (http://www.aeroquadstore.com/AeroQuad_32_Flight_Control_Board_p/aq32-001.htm). Here’s a video to demonstrate it’s stability (our pilot threw it in the air): http://youtu.be/WwPwg95EXcE. Thanks!

  17. You don’t have the Flycam Multicopter Flight Controller listed.

  18. Thanks!
    I am 95% sure I will buy that one than.
    One last question about the flight controllers.
    On the pictures, I didn’t saw the quadcopter in the list (on the lcd screen).
    But in the ‘manual’ I see quadcopter + and quadcopter X.
    When I buy it, do I have to do different things to make it fly?
    Or can I just solder it and plug it onto my quadcopter?

    Thank you,

  19. MWC MultiWii Lite Lightweight Version
    That one has the most options for a cheap price.

    anyone knows a good cheap one?
    Would it be possible to learn to fly with this flight controller for a total stranger in the multicopter-world?

  20. Hi,

    With the Crius ALL IN ONE PRO I see there are add-ons, what do you mean with that?
    That it would be possible to download that stuff to my flight controller?

    What flight controller would you recommend for a total beginner?
    No, I dont have a big budget, I am looking for getting the hole thing except fpv for €150-200 that is around the 250 dollar.
    What’s the difference between altitude hold – position hold and self leveling?
    I am also looking for a challenge, not that I crash every flight, but also not that a total beginner can hoover around as a pro.. lol


    • Usually add-on means another board or gps that has to be purchased. I recommend the HobbyKing KK2.0. Altitude hold means it stay at the same height. Position hold means it stays at the exact same location. Self-leveling means if you set go of the roll/pitch sticks the quad should return to level.

  21. please check this video
    I connected XBEE to KK2

  22. Fantastic site with lots of good information. Keep up the good work! Hey, just quit work and you’ll have lots of time!! :-)

  23. You need to add a filter for boards that you can actually find in stock somewhere. I’m a newb, and trying to figure out which controller to get, but it seems the good cheap ones (CC3D) are hopelessly out of stock. Some sort of review/rating system might be helpful too. Just a thought.

    Thanks for you website, it’s helped me get started on my journey to building a quad for the first time.

  24. New all-in-one Flight Control Crius All In One PRO Flight Controller V1.0

    2012 is the year of flight controls. The new Crius AIO pro is hard on the heels of the freshly released ArduPilot Mega2 and 2.5. It comes with MultiWii and MegaPirateNG (a ArduPilot spin-off) support, a set of state-of-the-art sensors in the low budget range on-board and connects to Sonar, GPS, Xbee extenders direct and easily without the need for the I2C bus.

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